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Cultural Cocoon is now a showroom in Nashua

You can find silk and wool rugs, embroidered pashmina shawls, hand painted pottery, Uzbek embroidery and ikat weaving and clothing, large alpacas, jewelry, African sculptures.

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Is there a place where I can buy my favorite Cultural Cocoon items?
You have been missing Cultural Cocoon and all it’s colorful little things. Come to Joseph’s Coat and you will find some of your favorite items like: alpacas; wool & silk scarves; papier mâché and retablos.


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Cultural Cocoon is dedicated to supporting artisans from around the world by giving them a place to showcase and sell their creations. Join us and take an international tour of expertly crafted, unique items that you can take home and cherish.

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We find exquisite items handmade by artisans and bring them to Peterborough.