Discover World Class Textiles and Arts

We find exquisite items handmade by artisans and bring them to Peterborough. Due to the unique, handcrafted nature of each creation we carry, our inventory is updated regularly with new and different items. Below is a gallery of a few items that are typically available in our shop. Stop by our store to see all of our available products!

Various hand-crafted items

  • Inlaid wood-turn bowl made by NH inmate
  • Hand-painted paper mache elephants from Kashmir
  • Hand woven tote from Madagascar
  • Textiles from Burkina Faso and Kashmir

Embroidered cashmere shawl from Kashmir

100% silk, hand-knotted rug from Syria

Ceramic folk art from Peru

Unique design, hand-embroidered cashmere shawl from Kashmir

Necklace of rare beads

Suzani 100% silk, hand-embroidered bed spread from Uzbekistan

Hand blown glass from Hebron, Palestine

Suzani hand-embroidered jackets from Uzbekistan

Retablo from Peru

A sophisticated Peruvian folk art depicting religious, historical, or everyday events that are important ot the indigenous people of the highlands. This traditional art originated in Ayacucho

Antique, hand-embroidered and woven wool shawl from Kashmir

Ikat silk garment from Uzbekistan

Ikat is a dyeing technique used to pattern textiles that employs resist dyeing on the yarns prior to dyeing and weaving the fabric

Woven textile coasters from Peru using natural dyes

Beaded offering boxes from Bali, Indonesia, and silver Tuareg bracelet from Mali

Exquisite lacquer-ware from Myanmar

Kente cloth from Ghana

Kente is a silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips made and native to the Akan ethnic group of Ghana

Mud cloth from Burkina Faso (Bògòlanfini)

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